Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just call me pénible.

So I'm trying to plan a lesson for my 6eme kids about St. Patrick's Day...which I don't really give a hoot about because I don't like green that much...and all I can think about is how annoying I've been lately. It's super beautiful outside. Feels like springtime! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I'm wearing a tank-top, I ate a cheeseburger today, and Alicia Keys is blasting through my headphones! Yet all I can think about is my recent behavior. I keep hanging around school all the time because I'm bored, and simply because I love going to school. It's no secret that I love the lycee kids, and I love hanging out with my new sister. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm insane because I'm always at school...hanging around with nothing to do, but maybe they'd all understand where I'm coming from if they knew how I felt. The truth is that I feel incredible sadness when I think about leaving this place, and I guess I just want to hold on for dear life. The only thing is that it makes me look like a pest...and no one wants to be a pest...not even me. I'm also frightened because I just know that when I do go home, I'm not going to be the same person. I'm going to be a depressing person to be around because I guess I've fallen in love with my life here. To make me leave is going to make me into a person that I don't want to be...and that I wouldn't want to be around. It's like I'm driving through the country-side and it's really beautiful, but I know that it's going to end in a terrible car accident. It sucks. I know this is depressing, but I hardly ever write depressing things...and I just want to be honest I guess.

Anyway to change the subject, and to cheer us all honor of St. Patrick's Day, here is one of my favorite clips...

"I wanna know where da gold at."

On a happier note, I had an excellent week-end! Friday I was super tired because, to be brief, I may have gotten myself into a little trouble on Thursday night. So I went grocery shopping with Bob, and took several nice naps. Slept in on Saturday, wanted to stay in bed, but I'm glad I went to the market because I ran into Christine and her son. He's a smart kid because he invited me to his birthday party which was on Sunday. But before that I had to get him a gift, so I walked to Carrefour with Mafer and Bob...we had a lot of fun picking out the perfect gift for him. It took half an hour of bickering over whether the insect book was better quality than the dinosaur book, until I finally made a decision. Dinner time was quickly approaching so we headed home because Bob and I were invited to dinner at his Christine's house...her name is actually Sylvia...very nice lady...and her husband's cool too. We had champagne and foie gras and paella and good wine and mouth-watering dessert. I was so full afterwards, but it was wonderful really. We laughed a lot, ate a lot...that's another thing I'll really miss about France...the meals are beyond good and it's not just because of the food. You really get to take your time to laugh with and talk to people. Sometimes this lasts from 7pm until 1 in the morning, but I just adore's meaningful. Sunday morning, after some "daylight savings confusion about the time" issues I was having...I made it to Christine's for the birthday lunch which lasted from noon until 6:30 I think. I had a lot of fun though because I love her family so much. The kids seemed to be happy with their gifts, and we had a fabulous meal prepared by someone, but I forget who (just kidding darling)...we went for a walk/run after lunch until Christine's daughter finally learned how to ride her bike without training wheels!! Woo! Champagne and Chocolate and banana cake with sprinkles followed along with an hour of playing doctor with the kids...I'm a really good patient ;) It was the kind of Sunday we can only read about in books...ideal. The only way it could have been better is if Jeff Goldblum had dropped in for gouter...

for us to be together...

Last night was also exceptional. I was invited to yet another dinner along with Bob and Billy. This time at a retired English couple's house. Michael and Denise have been living in Brioude for a little while I think, and their home is so and trendy artwork hanging on the walls, modern furniture which was surprisingly comfortable, and a lovely veranda with a good view. However lovely, the best part about Michael and Denise's house is Michael and Denise, but especially Denise. She's a woman after my own heart...super down-to-earth and the most fabulous 63 year old woman I've ever met. We had lots of funny and intense conversations for only having just met...but I love when you unexpectedly feel a connection with someone like that...anyway she's just what I needed last night...also she never let my wine glass run empty.

Anyway we kind of looked like this...

 In between having fun with my new friend, Denise, we had gumbo which Billy made for us...really delicious and nice and spicy...kind of tasted like home. We had two chocolate desserts served with Billy's suprise to me...Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream!!! Was so good!! It was one of the best nights I've had in Brioude...ever. Anyway I think they want to keep me around...I'm going back next Tuesday and they want me to cook this time...I'll let you know if I burn the quiches or not...but luckily Denise is making the pastry.

Well until next time I guess...
Love, Coco

Monday, February 20, 2012

it's suis en vacances.

So I never went to Barcelona...oops...the trip kind of fell through, but it's ok...I'm having a good vacation anyway...why?

First, the English stage with the Lycee kids went really well. Of course it didn't run as smoothly as planned, but nothing does when it involves me. Day one, was rookie day for me, I think I did pretty well, and the kids agreed when I took a survey at the end of the day...I taught them some good old-fashioned American English using a cool ass song...some games...and other useful activities. Day two was film day...I kept the film a big secret which increased the anticipation level and made the kids eager to come back for a second day of fun...despite the evil snow storm that terrorized the land the night before. We watched Penelope, which is a movie about a girl who's born with a pig snout. I just love it!

oh honey...

Day three was the best I think...we did another cool song and some more killer activities to get them to speak English with no fear! They killed at some tongue twisters too...I was really good at them too actually (hidden talent). The only one I can't really do is the one about Susie because I ALWAYS want to say "shits" at the end. hehe...

  I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop.
                                       Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.

Tea...tea is so good. Having a cup (well...former pickle jar) of Ceylan right now actually because it helps me write...also I think I might have a tea addiction these days. Anyway, Mafer and I spent the last four exciting days in the south of France in a beautiful city called Montpellier! It was my first real experience in the south of France, (drove through when we went to Spain, but we didn't stop so it doesn't count) and it was pretty killer! It was a little warmer there which was really nice and just what I needed...the sun was always out! I love sun...I need sun...and I've got a little bit of color back in my cheeks which were rendered ghost-like by Auvergne's winter climate.

Here's your soundtrack to my vacay while you read...try not to fall asleep it's super chill music.

I took the train down to Montpellier on Thursday 7:45! Was hard to wake up so early and walk in the rain to Brioude's train station, but I was pretty excited and motivated by the Montpellier weather report which I checked the evening prior. The train ride itself made a huge impression on me...yes it was five hours long (oh my god), but I had no idea the mountains were so insane just a few miles past Brioude because I never go in that direction, and I've never seen anything like them before. As a result, for the first two hours of the train ride I was gawking out the window...after that I began reading The Hunger Games because hey...that's what everyone else is doing right the entire trilogy was only $16 on my Kindle, and I had some gift cards.

On arrival in Montpellier St. Roch train station, I found Mafer and we headed out to explore the city! Montpellier is not overwhelmingly huge so we were able to see just about everything in the city center all in one evening. Also I began emptying my bank account due to all of the amazing shopping there was to be done on the street right next to the hostel I booked (figures) I love the style in the south of France...stripes and all that...lots of navy...what was I supposed to do? Anyway after a few purchases I was almost as happy as the pig girl (see photo above). Eventually we found the office du tourisme and with it a lot of pamphlets featuring loads of things to do in Montpellier because we really had no idea what we were going to do. After this, we checked out some abstract art in the Musee Fabre...felt very cultured as a result...but then I had to get out of there and find a drink...which I did. Had a banana bread beer (dunno who thought of that...but thank you...sincerely, Coco) and roamed around the Place du Peyrou...made only more enjoyable by the side-effects of the banana bread beer.

Place du Peyrou...

breath-taking at sunset...don't you think?

After such an exciting day, Mafer and I retired quite early to our private suite like a couple of abuelas...I say suite because we freaking had a TV and our own bathroom! Also I don't know if it was the change in altitude or dehydration because I kept forgetting to buy a water bottle, but I had a migraine that lasted four days...let's just say I was popping aspirin like they were tic tacs because I was damned and determined to have a good vacation! ahem...

The second day, Mafer and I decided to go to Montpellier Zoo...because animals are cool and I wanted to see a monkey...and zebras. Mafer had never seen many of the quintessential Zoo animals before in her giraffes, rhinos, exotic birds...basically all of the characters from we just had to go for her sake...and I'm a child so I loved it. We spent a long ass time in the zoo getting lost and paying .50 euros for a damn map because I was fed up with being lost in a damn zoo. Anyway, after the zoo we worked our way over to the complete other side of town to the planetarium where we explored space and the night was great...well worth the 6.50 euros. Weirdly enough, standing in line for the show at the planetarium, I met a guy who was on vacation in Montpellier who lives in Columbia, SC...was super weird...small world...he wasn't very nice though because he seemed to have no use for me after I didn't know where he could get the perfect French meal in Montpellier...look around you're in France! There's French food everywhere! I mean come on!

The third day, Mafer woke up and said..."you want to go to the beach?" and I said "si!" So went to Sete. Sete is a stunning town on the Mediterranean which is just the right size and not too crowded. It was incredibly nice there...very sunny which I loved. We had a gorgeous lunch...raw oysters, grilled fish with aioli  mayo and some yummy potatoes, creme caramel for dessert, two glasses of wine...I was in heaven for two hours. After stuffing our faces, we took a nice walk to the sea-side, basked in the sun (fully clothed mind you), and relished in our final full day of vacay. When we got back to Montpellier, we were both exhausted from walking and had had too much sun I think. So we ate some junk food and went to sleep in our clothes (not our pyjamas)...oh the shame.

Here are a few photos from Sete...

Now that I'm back in Brioude things are pretty low-key...I've reverted back to my old habits...drinking loads of tea and watching the arte channel all I guess I'll get back to the special on the mating rituals of deep sea creatures, and my Ceylan which has grown a tad cold.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sorry...I'm boring I guess.

I realize it's been a long time since the last time I posted a blog, and that the last one that I posted was kind of like "uh oh...what's happening to Rachel?" It's true that the last time I shared, I was on somewhat of a downward spiral, but the good news is that I've leveled out I think. The holidays finally ended and with them my short run with insanity. The problem was that I had nothing to do and no physical person to talk to for a long period of time...a long period of time for me being just 5 days...pathetic I know, but that's me I guess.

Anyway, the winter holidays are coming up soon and I've been searching high and low for things to do so that you, my readers, don't have to witness anything like the last post again...

First Bob, Billy, MaFer and myself are planning a roadtrip to Barcelona! I can't wait to see Barcelona because...I like Spain and roadtrips, also everyone says it's a really beautiful city. I'm currently working on my Spanish though I might be screwed because everything's written in Catalan I think. Oh well.

It'll be very Vicky, Christina, Barcelona... without someone getting shot.

Second! Since my friend Billy declined, I am "organizing" (yes...that word has been used) an English stage (workshop) over the holidays! I'm really excited about this...not that I know what I'm doing at all, but because I will have some work over the holidays and some people to talk to...some things to do...some lives to influence!...That is...if anyone shows up...Christine and the other  English teachers have been advertising the stage to their classes, but apparently there hasn't been much interest shown as far as the students go...but they are teenagers and it is the holidays. Hopefully they just need more time to think and more time for their parents to find out and force them to go...In any case, I'm going to ask Christine if I can do a little of my own advertising and make some cool flyers or something.

So those are my holiday glad that I have some plans! Oh I know...I cut my hair...a lot of it...I like it...sorry I can't produce a photo as of right now, but Bob and I are co-hosting a party here at my place in less than two's going to be killer...I only throw killer parties...maybe we'll take some photos. I was really hesitant to cut my hair, but I was having a bad day so I ran to the hairdresser's and did the deed. 

Also I'm tired of winter...need some sun...I love sun! I want it to be summer...and not because I want to go home...we all know I don't...but I WANT TO SPEND THE SUMMER HERE! Obviously that's not happening so all I can do is dream...with a little help from Gwen...

Meredith Hope...please tell me you love this video as much as I do.

Also! My blog passed 1,000 pageviews! I'm so excited!!! Let's have a partay! C U next time!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Does that make me crazy?

I keep asking myself, "what's wrong with you Coco?" En fait (in fact), I ask myself this question far too often these days. I ask myself other questions like "why do you hate the holidays?" After all, time off from school is supposed to be restful, nice, rewarding, etc...but for me it isn't. I do much better at school...with a routine. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! I have had much difficulty coping with all of this free time that I have and when there's no one to talk to begins to talk to one's self....inside one's head. That is a dangerous place to hang out. Anyway, due to this excess of temps libre...I have had a short stint with what I believe to be a mild depression...I've also had lots of tea. It's probably not that serious...we all know I'm a drama queen sometimes, but life would be utterly boring if I weren't I suppose.

Thanks to help from loyal friends like Christine and Beyonce Knowles I have recovered...I think. Christine kindly took me to the supermarket after a long Facebook conversation that revealed my temporary insanity. Beyonce wrote this song a long time ago, but it's evident she was thinking of my crazy ass...

Sing it girl.

Thank goodness for Beyonce. I've been blasting Me, Myself, and I, along with several other ridiculous yet oddly empowering songs on my brand new speakers that I purchased for 15 euros at Leclerc. Doesn't take much to make me happy...just 15 euros :)...anyhow it's all part of the treatment...for my depression...

In order for my recovery to be complete...I've decided that I need to throw a fabulous party to celebrate the new year and my blog reaching 1,000 pageviews (that's not a lot I realize, but....I'm proud). If everything goes right, all of the best people will be there, and we will eat, drink, and be crazy...three things that I feel we're good at here in least that's our reputation among the other assistants I think...I hope...let's face it...they probably never talk about us. heh heh.

In addition to this soiree, I've decided I would like to cut most of my hair off. This is rather impetuous I know and probably a bad idea, but I always feel better after a haircut and most of my hair is dead anyway...I  will feel like a new woman...I think. I am also inspired by Audrey Tautou's look in "La Delicatesse," a film I recently myself! I've never felt like such an ass going it alone to the movies (I was surrounded by groups of post-menopausal women and one guy who was dragged there by his girlfriend), but the film was good anyway...too made me smile...several times.

she's just too fab

Today was very good. That's probably an understatement. I had lunch with Christine's know to celebrate the new year. The food (and drink) was delicious and plentiful (another understatement). I'm really glad I was invited. It's good to be around good people, and I wish I spoke French well enough to really tell them how much I appreciate them including me, and how sweet they are for making me feel at home...hell I don't speak English well enough to really say how I feel sometimes. But I didn't spend the beginning of the year alone and that means the world to me. Oh and the food was REALLY good...I don't think I put enough stress on that the first time.

This post is kind of rubbish...can't believe I just used that word...but it seemed appropriate. I mean, who wants to read about that time that I was sad and lonely for...I dunno five days? No hopefully in the future...I won't be? Maybe that can be my New Year's resolution. I resolve to not be's not good for me. But I suppose we can't always be on top of things...and you always have to have the bad with the good right?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Noël à Paris!

Joyeux Noel! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Love Cats.

Yes, today is Christmas and Rachael and I have been in Brioude for two days now doing nothing but relaxing, eating, and drinking...and I've been doing some cooking. This time of repose was much needed because Paris at Christmas time is a crazy freaking mess! We are completely exhausted from our trip I think...also Rachael's back is in a lot of pain which unfortunately has put her through complete hell at times throughout the course of her stay here...but she's been a trooper all the same...also I've been pumping her with tea and pain killers...only the best kinds.

Anyway, yes...Paris...crazy right now, but I think we did alright for out-of-towners. Thanks to the metro (OVERCROWDED) we did so much in only four days and three nights. I feel good about navigating Paris now though...we did a killer job at getting around and we barely had to use maps...didn't look like tourists at all really except for the excessive amount of photographs we were taking. 

Paris Trip 2011


On my arrival at Paris-Bercy train station, I had to quickly get my can always tell when you're in Paris because people walk much faster, and they also drive like idiots...therefore you have to quickly get acclimated to this atmosphere or you'll be run over...or'll get lost and the only people there to help you are Parisians...they frighten me.

 See what I mean? Look how scary she is...just kidding...I don't even know if she's really Parisian...but you get the idea.

After a few minutes on the crowded metro, I found Rachael which amazes us both because we said we would meet at a metro station which has several exits...I tried to choose the most obvious one and it turns out that great minds do think alike because we found each other easily enough...which is a good thing because she had no way of contacting me had we not found each other...whew. We then checked into our hostel early, got settled in, and explored Montmartre a bit. We found several cute shops where I could buy over-priced fancy tea (but it's soooo good)!

After eating a kebab, because I was famished and needed something classy for lunch, and climbing la butte to see Sacre Coeur, we stumbled across the Moulin de la Galette which has been painted several times by many famous artists including this guy...

Needless to say, it was a nice surprise. There was also a great little bar across the street where I introduced Rachael to my favorite wine (Gewurzstraminer) and my favorite beer (Delirium Tremens)...also needless to say, afterwards we were feeling real good about being in  Montmartre on such a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. 

see...don't I look happy?

And I happy until later that night...later that night I looked a little more like this...

I just have one thing to say about day one...don't eat beef tartare...period.


After a rather difficult night, I awoke Wednesday morning feeling much better and unexpectedly refreshed. Rachael slept nearly until noon...getting used to being six hours ahead and all that, but after she woke up we continued sight seeing...

We decided it might be cool to swing by Pere Lachaise cemetery where lots of influential people are Moliere, Edith Piaf, Colette, and Oscar Wilde...oh's Oscar now!

This was written in lipstick on a glass case that surrounds his grave...they had to put the glass up because people kept kissing the

After all those dead people, I needed to go shopping, so we hopped the metro to move closer to the Seine. We came across some great vintage shops which is exactly what I wanted...I bought some killer boots and a bright red sweater vest...had a heart attack when I found both items. Oh and we took some pictures outside of the Centre need to go in. haha.

We later found ourselves window shopping on the Rue St. Honore and buying macaroons at Laduree...they're the best in the world no doubt!

yum...I just finished eating them today for gouter :)

We returned to Montmartre to have dinner in a cafe that we stumbled across the evening prior...the Deux Moulins. If you ever find yourself in Pigalle, you must go...just take a left at the Moulin Rouge, go one block and it's on the left. It's the cafe that Amelie Poulain worked in in the film...everything inside is Amelie themed and everything looks just like it did in the movie...except for the tabac...that's been removed. I loved the Deux Moulins...I had steak-frites (which I digested...yes!) and a cocktail called a "Collignon"...also I stole the place mat.

...geeked out when I first saw it :) would be a great time to brew yourself a nice cup of tea...but please do come back for Day 3...

If I had to describe last Thursday in one word...Versailles! The Chateau de Versailles was everything I ever imagined it would be! As a huge fan of the Sofia Coppola film, Marie Antoinette, my expectations were high, but were met all the same! My state-side best friend Meredith has been on my ass about going since I came to France, and I finally made it glad we decided to go! Also the chateau wasn't too crowded so we were able to have a pleasant stroll down the hall of mirrors...see...

that's me with my little orange backpack :)

great floor.

by the way...Rachael took these three photos...they're too good to have been taken by me...

La Chambre de La Reine...this is now my desktop background...gorgeous!!!

There are few words for Versailles...I think that's why I mainly have posted pictures...they speak for themselves...and far better than I could...hmmm let's see...I didn't do anything crazy in Versailles except I started singing the guitar riff of "Rococo" by Arcade Fire in a room that was decorated in Rococo style...couldn't help it.

Soundtrack to Versailles...

Also! I almost forgot...on the way to Versailles on the RER C...which I enjoy RER train rides...they allow you to see the residential side of Paris and to sit and reflect...anyway on the way to Versailles, on this train, I was in the middle of telling Rachael how I prefer trains to coaches...when suddenly (tout a coup) a man started playing a rendition of Jingle Bells on his was a lovely moment on the RER, and I can't possibly explain how happy it made me...but when the man came around asking for money...I said I didn't have I a bad person? Probably...oh well...but Rachael did just remind me that I was the only one on the car who applauded him.

After grabbing a couple of sandwiches and hopping the RER again we ended up at Montparnasse Tower where we were able to capture some amazing photos of Paris. Well, it wasn't that simple...never is. First I had to deal with the rude man at the entrance of the tower...he wasn't helpful at all and talked to me like I had no IQ...he used hand gestures...I almost killed him! Didn't even know I could get sassy in French, but I did a little bit...after that we dealt with more rude jackasses on our way to the top...basically the people that work there don't listen to anything you're saying and they just keep telling you ..."yes...this way to the top!"..."yes...this way to the exit" and that's fine, but I don't want those answers when I have to pee and I want a toilet...anyway I had an angry face...but thankfully no weapon.

But my angry face changed into a happy face when we saw the 360 view from the top...after riding on the fastest elevator in makes your ears pop.

I guess this is why the view is better from Montparnasse Tower than from the Eiffel Tower...lovely.

After Montparnasse Tower, I needed a gouter and some tea and Rachael needed to rest her back a bit so we headed to the hostel. After this, we commenced our quest in search of the Eiffel Tower by night. One of the teachers at school told me that it isn't very crowded around nine o'clock at night so we headed out on the metro, in the late evening towards Charles de Gaulle Etoile metro station...

When exiting this metro station, the first thing you see is the Arc de Triomphe...magnificent...the second thing you see is usually street performers and far too many a word the Champs Elysees was madness!!! The Christmas lights this time of year are gorgeous of course, but there are far too many fools trying to take photos in front of them on the crowded sidewalk...we were glad to make it to the Pont Alexandre favorite bridge in Paris.

After crossing the Pont in awe of the Seine at night...we began searching for one of my favorite bistros on the left bank...a mere block from the Eiffel Tower we finally found it and settled in for some savory Boeuf Bourgignon and a glass of Bordeaux...maybe a glass of Pinot Gris as well :) At the restaurant we watched some tacky tourists eating escargot and taking pictures of each other eating escargot...we felt very cool because we weren't doing the same thing...and watched on as holier-than-thou, experienced Parisians.

After a successful dinner that Rachael was fully impressed with...we came to the Eiffel Tower and stuck around until nine o'clock when it sparkles on the was magic...and at this point we felt that our crazy yet amazing vacation in Paris was complete!


There isn't much else to say about Day 4 except that it resembled this...

...we were trying really hard to get the hell out of Paris because we'd had enough of the crowds and the was time to go home...and that's what Brioude is for me now...home...I'm truly happy here and I'm going to have a seriously hard time leaving my new home and the amazing people that I've met here...I'll probably cry a lot when I leave...and I don't usually cry.

Since our return from Paris...Rachael and I have been laying low in my apartment (we also cooked foie gras...which smells funky) which she describes as being rather homey which makes me happy...I'm glad someone else sees in it what I do...she's been taking a few pictures which I this one of the kitchen...

Today we'll try and venture out into town because she needs to see more of my little town of Brioude!

Ciao and thanks for reading this super long blog about our trip...and I hope everyone had a Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas) Until next time...bisous!

Monday, December 19, 2011


Alone! Yes...I'm alone!
And so bored!!
So...I'm trying to turn these dull circumstances/emotions into creative energy by writing! Here goes nothing!

First here's a nice "I've been alone all day in my apartment, and I'm slowly losing my mind" song to listen to while you read...enjoy!

Hmmm let's see...this week was great! Wednesday's Girl's Day was a complete success, and I don't think it will be the last girl's day...many more to come. Anyway on the way to Clermont-Ferrand three phenomena occured...
  1. We saw like ten rainbows.
  2. I listened to 80's French music...blew my mind.
  3. Together we created a new that I've decided to call Franglespanol...
Franglespanol: Christine speaks French mostly...I respond in French sometimes, but mostly in English because I'm an ass...all the while Maria Fernanda teaches us some words in Spanish, but Christine is the only one who learns anything because I suck at Spanish...'s a lot of fun really.

On arrival in Clermont-Ferrand we had Quick...which is like McDonalds kind of. I know...great idea before trying on clothes! After eating lunch, we fabulously headed over to the mall to try on some outfits and be super girly for a change! I squeezed into a killer green dress in Zara and did some serious damage in H&M, but all in all a good shopping day. Oh and I bought two berets...because they're fabulous.

After a fun Tramway ride through town, we made it to Place Jaude to shop some more, but somehow I ended up on a ferris wheel. I was scared to death at first because I don't like heights or rides for that matter...I mean I don't even go to the fair...ever. But...I got on this Wonder Wheel...and I think I liked it...good first experience on a ferris wheel with my best friend and my roomie!

Besties on the wheel...with berets!

View of C-F from the wheel...lovely!

[Photos compliments of Maria Fernanda...actually I don't think she knows I put them on my blog, but that's ok ;)]

Thursday I guess I'll keep that to myself...hehe.

Well, I'm getting tired now and I've got a big travelling day tomorrow so I think I'll go to bed now. And don't worry... next time I actually will write about Paris! And the best part of all is that for the next week I won't be bored or alone!


P.S. here's some more Beach House...thank me later.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rocking out....No Doubt!

I'm really bored today...only have one class at three and I've been doing laundry since I woke up because I have a lot...Maria Fernanda has been laughing at me since she got back from class because I have so many dirty clothes.

Anyway, today's inspiration...Gwen Stefani...I want to be her!!!...well circa No Doubt...

It's My Life....The clothes are to die for and she's a bad ass who kills her boyfriends.

Simple Kind of Life...I want the pink hair...especially when it's really curly...:)