Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Francophile? Eh?

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, describes a Francophile as "a person who has a strong positive predisposition or interest toward the governmentculturehistory, or people of France. This could include France itself and its history, the French languageFrench cuisineliterature, etc."

I pondered this definition for a while and decided that it was perfect for me...I love France. I love French movies...the cuisine's alright...I minored in French, and I am going to be teaching some kids there for seven months. Ergo, I am certain that the more time I spend there and the more pastries I eat...the more of a Francophile I will become! Hehe.

Ok I joke around a lot, but I am seriously dying to begin this new this new chapter of my life. I will be staying and assisting in the small town of Brioude which is located in the Haute-Loire which is part of the region of Auvergne. The town appears to be quite charming so I have inserted several photos of it below.
                                           Aerial view
                                                     Inside a famous church
                                                  A local hustlah and his
                                                    A random castle....I know....i die.
                                          And I think this is from the olden days...I like cartoons

Now, I have wanted to see Paris since I was in middle school...or around the time that this foreign language I had been studying since I was quite young started to mean anything to me. I will be there soon, and I will die of a heart attack probably when I see it for the first time so keep your fingers crossed for me. I will be spending the first few days of my trip in Paris in fact, so I'll keep you all posted on whether I actually die or not. If my time in Paris is anything like this.....

I'm certain that I will finally be truly happy.
I double kiss you all and until next time....oh god next time I will actually be in France!!!!!!!!!!!