Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ok....woo that took forever! If anybody cares at this point, I am officially settled in in France...in Brioude more specifically. And when I say settled in, I really really mean it. Not only have I moved into my fabulously shitty (and I meant that in the best way) apartment, but I'm making friends. People are so nice here, and I'm beginning to feel more comfortable here than I do at home. I know, that's a scary thought. But it is so quiet here and beautiful, and quite unlike Columbia, South Carolina. I am usually partial to the beach, the sun, etc. but I'm getting used to life in the mountains and It is quite nice. 

I probably don't have to say it, but the food here is worth dying for sometimes. I don't eat out as much here because it is quite expensive, but it is more of a treat that way and the food is BETTER so it's worth the money.  It was like that in Paris except I was forced to eat out a lot those few days.

Oh yeah....PARIS. Was beautiful....just as I suspected. hehe. It is a crazy city, but I think I did alright for a first timer....freaked out a little in Charles de Gaulle airport though....that place still haunts my dreams.....oh and yes I took that photo :)

Met some fabulous and loving people in Paris....Ana and Marcos. They're both from Brazil, but Ana speaks English very well in my opinion. We became a little family of three for the few days we were in Paris because you can't see Paris alone...trust me I tried. It's physically possible, but utterly lonely. Anyway by day four, I was walking through Montmartre and someone asked ME for directions....sadly I had to admit that I wasn't Parisian, but I took the case of mistaken identity as a huge compliment.

I took this photo as I was walking up to la Butte for the first time...wanted to cry a little bit. I was blown away by how beautiful it is and the view from the top....i die. I went there everyday that I spent in Paris because the hostel was probably less than five minutes walk from there. At sunset it is unlike anything I've ever seen in my whole stupid life.

Oh yeah. Then I saw this and it was over. I've fallen in love with this country. 
I was always on the verge on tears in Paris just because most everything was beautiful. With almost every corner you take, there is something incredible revealing itself. I sound dumb, but I was moved. I was especially moved when I attended mass at Notre-Dame...the choir really does sound like angels :)

I think I'll finish up Paris with a few photos from my journey...

i die

I think that's enough for now, I have so much more to say about Brioude and how wonderful things are here, but I think I should save that for another post....just so I don't overwhelm anyone. haha
Til next time.


  1. LIVE IT UP!!!
    Glad to see you blogging. Keep it coming so that I can live vicariously through you. :) Miss you.

  2. Miciah is that you???!!!
    How's hunting for a new job/writing going? If you write something really good you should email it to me so I can read it! I know you're going to be some fabulous writer someday like Carrie Bradshaw...just saying. It's hard for me to keep posting blogs because I feel like no one gives a shit, but I'm glad you're reading...that's enough to keep me going! haha
    Love you girl!

  3. Magnifiques photos!!! Très bonne idée ce blog:-)