Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come on...it's the holidays!

Happy Halloween everyone (kind of late I know). At home, Halloween is my favorite holiday, but here in France it isn't really celebrated that much...just by random cool people. Yes, it seems that the French really enjoy buying mums and celebrating La Toussaint (All Saints Day) which is tomorrow. Anyhow, in honor of La Toussaint, I am in the midst of a little over a week-long holiday from school which is nice. Things were fairly uneventful this past week, except for the good times I've had with Christine and her family of course...oh and Bob too I guess, until my friend Curtis (who is assisting in Le Puy) invited me to go on a day trip to Spain!

I was really surprised at myself for actually going because I'm not usually that spontaneous, but obviously I really wanted to go because I've never been to Spain before and it was about time I did some travelling. However, I really enjoyed our day in Spain and I got to see some things that I've never seen before...like original paintings by Salvador Dali!!!!

Oh look here's one now...a self-portrait actually...

Yes it was a little crowded in the Dali Museum...at one point I was looking down at my camera...deciding whether or not to delete a picture I had just taken, and I realized I was leaning against the frame of another painting...I can't believe I wasn't thrown out for that...gotta love Spain. You know why else you should love Spain? Everything is cheaper there and you get more stuff. For lunch in Girona, we went to a restaurant and had huge meals, great service, and large wine glasses which were actually filled.

Oh yeah I guess I didn't say exactly where I went in Spain...the towns we visited:

Bisbal...ceramics capital of the world

Girona...lots of nice graffiti

And last but definitely not least....Figueres...home of Dali

I'm certain that Figueres was my favorite town of all because of the quirky museum, and because I felt it was a good sized town...not too big like Girona and not too small like Bisbal...but just right and there is an abundance of surrealist art. Yes, I only spent a day in Spain which was a little too short, but I'm glad that I did it, and I don't know what else to say about it except that it smells a little in Spain (like farm animals).

Anyway, I was glad to get back from Spain just because I'm always happy to return to my little town of Brioude. Oh yeah the day after I got back I went to Christine's daughter's birthday gouter...I felt honored to be invited because Christine's whole family was there, and I'm just some crazy American girl who's always hanging around. I brought them some Reese's because they're my favorite and I think they liked them...I mean they were devoured. Anyway the wine was good (as always) and I love Christine's family...oh and Christine :)

Had a pretty crazy week-end, but I met some cool people which is good. I had a soiree (little party at my place) on Saturday night which I was really excited about because it was my first time entertaining at my apartment. Let's just say I had too much fun at my own soiree...no that's an understatement, but whatever. It was nice to have all my fabulous friends over for a night of sheer indulgence...hopefully they all still love me :)

My roommate Maria Fernanda is back from Paris...it's nice to have her back in the apartment also I can get back to practicing some French at home. I feel like a jerk because I was supposed to call people/skype people this week-end, and I didn't because I was very busy, but hopefully those people will still love me too...I think I'll leave you with a photo that I really like from Spain...


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