Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I realize that I have been neglecting my readers...which is rude...I'm terribly sorry. The truth is that November has not been very exciting as a month. I haven't been anywhere too amazing in a while. I've just been working hard at school, cooking a lot (I'm really good at it by the way), and bothering Christine constantly (I don't know how she gets any work done with me around...she's good). Yep...with the exception of these rituals, not much is going on...things are calm... but this is a good thing right? Besides who cares what I'm doing...the important thing is that I'm exactly where I want to be right now :)

Anyway, my visa is finally validated! I think. There's no telling really, but the point is that I've done everything that I had to do with the immigration office...for now at least. I've got a nice new sticker in my passport that says I can work here legally which is fabulous. I love my sticker. Yeah...It took three trips (two of them failures) to Clermont-Ferrand to get my sticker, but on the third attempt (and the best...I think) I really had a lot of fun! I rode to Clermont-Ferrand with Christine and two other teachers at school because they were going to a "stage" (teacher's workshop) there anyway, and they were nice enough to let me come with them. I was so happy about this because it is so much faster by car than by train or coach...not to mention I saved 25 euros. That morning I went to the immigration office, and my appointment took all of five minutes. Yes, three trips to Clermont-Ferrand for five minutes of bliss at the guichet. After this, I celebrated by purchasing an over-priced backpack (really cute though) and two pairs of over-priced socks (also to die for). Moral of the story is you should never leave me alone in Galeries Lafayette...bad things happen.

Around noon that day, I successfully navigated my way to where I would find Christine and the other teachers so that we could go and have lunch...it was delicious. We had some great wine and pork ribs. I was pleasantly surprised to see ribs placed in front of me...I haven't eaten ribs since before my vegetarian days (glad those are behind me), but they were freaking amazing! God I love pork. Anyway, I was excited to hear that I could go back to the stage with the group because they had just watched The Fly (you know... disgusting yet fabulous film with Jeff Goldblum), and it had been rumored that even more fabulous film extracts were on the menu for the afternoon so I was dying to tag along. Not to mention the fact that my bank account would have been completely exhausted by the end of the day had I continued wandering around Clermont-Ferrand by myself all day. Anyway the film extracts that were shown at the stage were just what I needed...gorey, disgusting, hilarious, weird and very entertaining...loved it :) As my friend Bob would say..."It was the best day of ma life."

...someone's got a headache...

Isn't she fabulous?

Hmmm...let's see...what else have I been doing? I cook now! I know....huge development...and I cook a lot...and my food tastes good...I can't believe it myself. Recent victories include: boiled eggs, a chocolate dessert that I made up, scrambled eggs with three cheeses, and I also enjoy improving several dishes with sausage. Well, to tell the truth, I don't really know what I'm doing ever...so I make stuff up as I go along praying that I don't make anyone sick...when I say anyone I usually mean Maria Fernanda (for new readers, she's my roommate). She told me the other day when we were eating lunch or something...that I was a really good cook, and that she doesn't understand how I have all these recipes memorized...I laughed so hard.

Another thing I've been doing a lot lately is going to lycee (high school) classes that I'm not scheduled for. It all began when Christine made the mistake of telling me that I could come to her classes whenever I wanted to. She shouldn't have told me that because my new favorite thing to do is attend her classes when I'm not doing anything else. Why do I love doing this so much? Well, I get to spend more time around the students...they are getting used to my presence (and maybe starting to like me!!!) which is good...I get to see what teaching is all about which will help me decide what I want to do with my life in the future...and I get to hang out with my best friend so I enjoy it really. I really like working with the lycee! I think the kids like me which everyone knows is my main goal in life (to get everyone to like me). Bob wants to make a guest appearance in the lycee, but I don't think he should. He's English, and the kids might like him more than me...that would be tragic and I might never recover so...

Well, this past Sunday, Maria Fernanda's person (Isabel) took us to the local chocolate festival, and two charming villages that are only a few kilometers away from Brioude...not to mention she fed us lunch...so nice of her :) Anyway here are a few photos from Sunday...the first two were taken in Massiac and the third was taken in Blesle.

                                     I think this is my bitch-face...didn't mean to make it though

Maria Fernanda takes a much better picture.

Blesle...so charming.

Catch ya later :)

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  1. "took us to the local chocolate festival"
    Anything with the word chocolate would be fun. Think I can smell the fragrance now. ;o)