Monday, December 19, 2011


Alone! Yes...I'm alone!
And so bored!!
So...I'm trying to turn these dull circumstances/emotions into creative energy by writing! Here goes nothing!

First here's a nice "I've been alone all day in my apartment, and I'm slowly losing my mind" song to listen to while you read...enjoy!

Hmmm let's see...this week was great! Wednesday's Girl's Day was a complete success, and I don't think it will be the last girl's day...many more to come. Anyway on the way to Clermont-Ferrand three phenomena occured...
  1. We saw like ten rainbows.
  2. I listened to 80's French music...blew my mind.
  3. Together we created a new that I've decided to call Franglespanol...
Franglespanol: Christine speaks French mostly...I respond in French sometimes, but mostly in English because I'm an ass...all the while Maria Fernanda teaches us some words in Spanish, but Christine is the only one who learns anything because I suck at Spanish...'s a lot of fun really.

On arrival in Clermont-Ferrand we had Quick...which is like McDonalds kind of. I know...great idea before trying on clothes! After eating lunch, we fabulously headed over to the mall to try on some outfits and be super girly for a change! I squeezed into a killer green dress in Zara and did some serious damage in H&M, but all in all a good shopping day. Oh and I bought two berets...because they're fabulous.

After a fun Tramway ride through town, we made it to Place Jaude to shop some more, but somehow I ended up on a ferris wheel. I was scared to death at first because I don't like heights or rides for that matter...I mean I don't even go to the fair...ever. But...I got on this Wonder Wheel...and I think I liked it...good first experience on a ferris wheel with my best friend and my roomie!

Besties on the wheel...with berets!

View of C-F from the wheel...lovely!

[Photos compliments of Maria Fernanda...actually I don't think she knows I put them on my blog, but that's ok ;)]

Thursday I guess I'll keep that to myself...hehe.

Well, I'm getting tired now and I've got a big travelling day tomorrow so I think I'll go to bed now. And don't worry... next time I actually will write about Paris! And the best part of all is that for the next week I won't be bored or alone!


P.S. here's some more Beach House...thank me later.

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