Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gee...I love it here...

Christmas is coming up soon. Oh joy. The time of year in which I spend far too much money and get extremely annoyed by holiday tunes. Well, no matter...this Christmas is going to be special anyway. I will be spending December 20th through the 23rd in Paris with my good friend Rachael! So glad she's coming to visit because I miss her and because I would be utterly alone if she weren't coming to that would have been a sad sight, and I probably would never have recovered. So far we've got some interesting plans for our jaunt in Paris including a weird museum, an American bookshop, Montparnasse tower and the catacombs...'tis the season to be jolly! We're coming back to Brioude on the 23rd and Rachael will be heading back to the states on the 27th...maybe we'll travel around Auvergne a bit while she's here. Christmas dinner will probably consist of popcorn, sausage, and a quiche...since I know how to make one now....

If I look happy it's because I'm about to eat the damn thing :)

Brioude looks so cute right now! I think they've done a good job of putting lights up around town...there are a lot of them and they really cheer the place up at night...see I like a little holiday cheer. I need to take more pictures of Brioude because I love it, and my best friend at home, Meredith, told me I had to take more pictures of my everyday life...I'm having trouble completing this task so far, but I'm hoping Rachael can help with this when she comes next week...she's a better photographer anyway.

Anyway, last week...I felt really busy. I made some of my amazing guacamole on Tuesday for a degustation that we had in the staff room...yum...and I think everyone liked it...I mean it was all gone...after I basically licked the bowl...what? I love guac.

I use lemon juice, but whatever.

Hmmm...last Wednesday I saw Happy Feet 2 with Christine and her kids. The film was too cute, and I always have fun with them :)

just look at the little fellow....

Thursday I had a good day at school...all of my lessons were cool. For example, I did the new "Marry the Night" music video with 1ere. I was really excited about that class because I adore the video, and one of the kids in that class is a huge Lady Gaga fan just like me. However, the other kids had things to say about the video too's Gaga...and she's outrageous...yet fabulous.

"I'm gonna be a star!"

Thursday night was great! I went to La Comedie de Clermont-Ferrand to see a spectacle with some of the lycee kids! One of the teachers at school gave me his ticket because he's nice and because he couldn't go for whatever reason. I honestly didn't really want to go at first, but I'm certainly glad I did because the show was killer!! It was called "Murmures des Murs"...which is difficult to say for an American girl. If I had to describe the piece, I would say it is a magical dance piece full of illusions....and magic! I loved was totally weird.

This weekend was crazy. Loco. That's all I have to say...well if I had to sum it up in so many words...
  • cowboy hat
  • rum and coke
  • pizza
  • baby kitten
  • birthday party
  • good wine
  • headache
  • train
  • Martin Luther King Jr

Wow...this blog post is really light on the litterature and heavy on the photos...I guess it's ok...I'm feeling lazy and that's why people like magazines anyway right? 
I'm sure this week will be amazing because it's week B, and I love week B. Also Christine, Maria Fernanda, and myself are going to have a girl's day in Clermont-Ferrand on Wednesday...can't wait! Going to go shopping even though I shouldn't...and I'll be preparing for the trip to Paris next week and Rachael's arrival which is exciting! Tune in next time for Coco's blog: Christmas in Paris Special Edition with comments by Rachael Cannady....

bisous from Brioude!

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