Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sorry...I'm boring I guess.

I realize it's been a long time since the last time I posted a blog, and that the last one that I posted was kind of like "uh oh...what's happening to Rachel?" It's true that the last time I shared, I was on somewhat of a downward spiral, but the good news is that I've leveled out I think. The holidays finally ended and with them my short run with insanity. The problem was that I had nothing to do and no physical person to talk to for a long period of time...a long period of time for me being just 5 days...pathetic I know, but that's me I guess.

Anyway, the winter holidays are coming up soon and I've been searching high and low for things to do so that you, my readers, don't have to witness anything like the last post again...

First Bob, Billy, MaFer and myself are planning a roadtrip to Barcelona! I can't wait to see Barcelona because...I like Spain and roadtrips, also everyone says it's a really beautiful city. I'm currently working on my Spanish though I might be screwed because everything's written in Catalan I think. Oh well.

It'll be very Vicky, Christina, Barcelona... without someone getting shot.

Second! Since my friend Billy declined, I am "organizing" (yes...that word has been used) an English stage (workshop) over the holidays! I'm really excited about this...not that I know what I'm doing at all, but because I will have some work over the holidays and some people to talk to...some things to do...some lives to influence!...That is...if anyone shows up...Christine and the other  English teachers have been advertising the stage to their classes, but apparently there hasn't been much interest shown as far as the students go...but they are teenagers and it is the holidays. Hopefully they just need more time to think and more time for their parents to find out and force them to go...In any case, I'm going to ask Christine if I can do a little of my own advertising and make some cool flyers or something.

So those are my holiday glad that I have some plans! Oh I know...I cut my hair...a lot of it...I like it...sorry I can't produce a photo as of right now, but Bob and I are co-hosting a party here at my place in less than two's going to be killer...I only throw killer parties...maybe we'll take some photos. I was really hesitant to cut my hair, but I was having a bad day so I ran to the hairdresser's and did the deed. 

Also I'm tired of winter...need some sun...I love sun! I want it to be summer...and not because I want to go home...we all know I don't...but I WANT TO SPEND THE SUMMER HERE! Obviously that's not happening so all I can do is dream...with a little help from Gwen...

Meredith Hope...please tell me you love this video as much as I do.

Also! My blog passed 1,000 pageviews! I'm so excited!!! Let's have a partay! C U next time!


  1. "planning a roadtrip to Barcelona"

    Should be a fun trip.

    " the winter holidays are coming up soon "

    Is that something like spring break where everyone goes on holiday?